The Community Spirit Awards are available via the website URL provided in your joining instructions, you will be able to view the Awards when it goes live on the Home page at 4.30pm on Thursday 10 December.  It will play automatically – there’s no need to click anything.

The event website is hosted by an external company.  If you encounter any problems accessing the site or viewing the conference, please refer to the Q&A’s below:

Q. How do I watch the Community Spirit Awards 2020?

A. On the home page you will see a countdown clock – this is where the live stream will be shown.  It will automatically appear/go live on Thursday 10 December at 4.30pm.

Q. How can I watch the Event?

A. For the best viewing and interactive experiences, we advise colleagues to view and participate using their company laptop.

Q. What platform will be used to stream the Event and do I need to download anything?

A. It will be a Vimeo link shown here on the event website. You do not need to download anything and a password is not required.

Q. How do I access the website?

A. You should be able to access the website through any cweb browser but Chrome is recommended. We have worked with our Tech team to ensure the event website is accessible for all.

Q. When I click on the web link the website doesn’t load in my browser?

A. If it doesn’t load, try another web browser – Chrome is a good browser option.

Q. I still cannot access the website through any of the web browsers?

A. Please check you have tried the above.

1. Close down and restart your PC/laptop/device.

2. Check whether you can access other websites – eg; www.bbc.co.uk or www.google.co.uk .

3. Check whether you can access the website or other websites from an alternative WIFI connected device – eg: A WIFI connected mobile.

4. If you still experience issues, please check your router. It may be that you need to hard wire into your internet connection point with an ethernet network cable or as a last resort contact your Internet provider.

If you experience issues with your laptop, please contact David Ward on 079408718522.  However, please be advised that they are unable to assist with internet connection problems whilst you are at home.